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Aurora v6 Impressionnante liste de corrections et d’améliorations


Le Dashboard Alternatif pour Xbox 360, Aurora v6 de la Team Phoenix !

Nous reviens aujourd’hui avec un impressionnant lot d’apports et de corrections.

Il est temps pour vous si ce n’est pas déjà le cas, de découvrir cette nouvelle version  v6


Aurora v6


(Fixed) #790 changed storage message to use wchar instead of wchar->char->wchar
(Fixed) Issue where file manager would open instead of utility scripts after passcode entry (Issue #792)
(Fixed) Issue with Passcode Scene and Keyboard Conflict when renaming game title (Issue#791)
(Removed) #787 test scenes removed: Aurora_TestScene.xui, Test.xui
(Updated) #788 About screen reflects current team
(Fixed) #563 incorrect dimensions for banner
(Fixed) Issue where cache style TitleUpdates would not properly update Marketplace Scene when downloaded. (Issue #761)
(Fixed) LUA progress uses QWORD instead of DWORD now
(Fixed) Lua progress now works for copy and move dir
(Added) copy repo script in build script
(Fixed) proper config for lua
(Updated) Aurora updater moves dirs to user dir (#774)
(Updated) Aurora updater uses given aurora xex name (needs aurora 0.6 as base) (#759)
(Fixed) removed no-disable flag from quickview copy (#784)
(Updated) Change Lua content and utility script paths #773
(Fixed) Use CreateFile with FILE_SHARE_READ when launching a xex or container #782
(Fixed) DVD spin up only when copy from dvd #775
(Added) Mountpoint in Lua FileObject #779
(Fixed) FileType in Lua FileObject #781
(Added) Scriptpath for version logging
(Fixed) Sort script path in logging
(Fixed) Various typo’s in comments
(Updated) LUA 5.2.0 -> 5.3.3
(Fixed) LUA copy and move return actual result #777
(Added) Set xex name in launchdata for updater #759
(Fixed) Add back to exit utility scene #768
(Updated) Utility Script version to be an integer to match skin version
(Updated) Changed LUAERROR filter to LUA to be consistent with other LUA error messages and logging
(Added) Error logging for badly formed script headers
(Updated) The Version string localization for Script version to use floats instead of strings
(Updated) The Script Manager sort algorithm to use float sorting instead of strings
(Added) A conversion check on script version to ensure a valid version value is provided.
(Fixed) #771 Added a new scene for setting background from title, no longer using button hold
(Fixed) #770 Lua Script.SetStatus(nil) now generates a Lua error instead of crashing Aurora
(Fixed) Set dvd speed to default on boot #767
(Fixed) Removed “Game” reference from cover selection #765
(Added) Use BACK to exit FileBrowser (instead of dir up) #768
(Fixed) Removed screencapture transparency #762
(Updated) Replaced messagebox with notification for asset update #763
(Fixed) GetBasePath lua function restored
(Fixed) Added sorting to script list #757
(Removed) No more confirmation message on restart #764
(Fixed) Show correct thumbnail for default skin #760
(Added) Triple backslash replacement in CombinePath function
(Updated) FileToString now uses shared open to allow access to files in use
(Updated) Finished SVOD Installer (bugs, error handling, lua script) #766
(Updated) Changed “Set” to “As Background” for screencapture list #383
(Removed) Duplicate IsCanceled function definition
(Added) Support to enable/disable cancel button in script runner from script
(Added) Script.SetCancelEnable and Script.IsCancelEnabled functions to SCript library
(Fixed) Script Runner cancel button action
(Fixed) Issue where scripts were set to canceled prior to running.
(Added) StartScan and IsScanning functions to the Lua Content Library
(Updated) SVOD Installer Routine Function
(Updated) SvodInstaller to output progress to ProgressRoutine callback
(Added) InstallTitleFromDisc function to the FileSystem LUA library (wip)
(Added) SVODInstaller class (thanks cOz)
(Fixed) GetCpuKey only worked on old versions of Dashlaunch, it now works also on the new versions :)
(Fixed) A crash when using GetDVDKey or GetCPUKey in the Kernel LUA Lib caused by a missing overload for GetBytesString
(Added) Link to external AuroraRepo script on GitHub
(Removed) local lua scripts
(Updated) Scripts readme.txt
(Added) Log the changes made using Script.Status, this is for ease of debugging scripts (Knowing what status last happened may help debug errors)
(Updated) all scripts to the latest versions from the git
(Added) Ability to detect if a rename failed after downloading file
(Fixed) Typo in LuaGizmoUI class
(Added) Library Methods outline to Aurora Scripts folder
(Added) Additional supported controls for gizmo scene
(Updated) Localization text with correct passcode create & verify language
(Fixed) Navigation issue in Content Settings
(Removed) , separation from LiNK Top 5 because Europeans are backwards.
(Updated) Link Top5 Script to ‘Refresh’ by rerunning download.
(Updated) ZipLib to behave more predictably in the underlying file system.
(Removed) Ability to manually close ZipFile until we can determine best way to handle it.
(Added) Close to LuaZipLib allowing the users to manually close the handle to a open 7z archive
(Added) Popup Notification telling you how many titles were effected by the DB Cleaner
(Fixed) a bug causing the script to never be able to exit on error conditions
(Updated) Scripts and Icons
(Updated) Weather Script Icon
(Fixed) Issue with icon not showing up in script list if scriptIcon variable is empty
(Updated) DB Cleaner description and title
(Added) Progress indicator to Weather Script
(Updated) WindSpeed display to utilize user’s unit selection
(Fixed) Weather Script Icon
(Updated) AuroraUI.lua to remove LuaXuiObjects that aren’t yet supported
(Removed) Sample scripts and libraries from the Utility scripts folder
(Fixed) Cancel text not changing back after TU completed download.
(Updated) ScriptRunner class to utilize localized strings
(Updated) ScriptManager class to use Localized strings
(Updated) UtilityScriptList class to use localized strings
(Updated) UtilityScriptList class to use skin.xml for icons
(Added) LuaXuiEdit support in LuaGizmo
(Added) Support for multiple controllers in KeyboardUI
(Fixed) Handle input errors gracefully by returning false and not crashing the script
(Added) Made all except for hour optional for SetTime and added Milliseconds, if not specified they’re reset to 0
(Added) Console Info Viewer – A sript that shows some valueable information about the console (Kernel version, serial, console id, cpu/dvd key and motherboard type/model)
(Added) SetDate and SetTime to the Kernel LUA Lib
(Fixed) Issue that occurred when script manager list was empty.
(Updated) Script Manager to properly handle the delete button.
(Updated) Link Top5 script
(Updated) Link Top-5 Script folder structure
(Changed) GimzoCommandSet to GizmoCommandSetText
(Added) GizmoCommandSetEnabled method
(Added) Ability to configure the (A) button on a LuaGizmo
(Added) Ability to set LuaGizmo title bar text when Inoking a LuaGizmo
(Added) Script.FileExists and Script.CreateDirectory methods to the ScriptRunner base code to allow relative file management
(Added) Missing icon display when script icon cannot be found
(Added) Ability to load a custom skin for a LuaGizmo script
(Added) LiNK Top-5 script framework to AuroraScripts folder (wip)
(Updated) Weather Script
(Added) AuroraRepo – Our base for the Repo Browser
(Added) DBCleaner – Our Database Cleaner
(Added) TempViewer – Our Current Temperature Viewer
(Added) UnitTests – Our LUA Unit Tests
(Fixed) TU MsgBox Denied ID 4 -> 3
(Fixed) #682 – support for USB devices (DLC, Save games and content TU’s)
(Added) AuroraScripts folder to hold official scripts
(Updated) Lua Settings library to new format
(Fixed) Animation Glitch in NotificationUI that caused the icon color to change at the end of the animation.
(Disabled) The TESTSCENE compile flag –
(Fixed) Typo in Application class that prevent test scene from working as it should
(Updated) Http Client to support POST requests when no POST vars are provided.
(Updated) Added StackDump function to LuaVM
(Updated) LuaAurora library- removed GetConsoleInfo- functionality was moved to Kernel Library
(Updated) LuaHttp Lib to new format, added GET and POST support with ToFile variants
(Updated) LuaSql Library to new format
(Updated) LuaThreadLib by removing functions that are error prone and irrelevant.
(Updated) Lua Profile Library
(Updated) SubtitleFunction script for achievements to use new lua profile library
(Fixed) Crash in the ZipFile LUA Library when extracting 7z files without folders (or more files then folders)
(Fixed) Error when opening AuroraUI elements too quickly (sleep for 500ms before returning fixes the problem and it’s barely noticeable)
(Updated) Parental Control Permissions to be System Specific instead of User Specific
(Added) Security Settings for configuring Parental Control permissions
(Updated) Some lua Libraries
(Updated) Indie/Blue and Kinect/Purple case (#695)
(Added) Kernel permission to Utility Scripts
(Added) New functionality to LuaAuroraLib
(Deleted) LuaPluginLib (redundant)
(Added) LuaKernelLib
(Updated) Lua HTTP Library to have better error handling
(Updated) AuroraUI modules to be built into the Aurora library (except Gizmo)
(Updated) Content.FindContent method to return the entire content info for each found instance.
(Updated) Lua “print” function to also print tables
(Added) GetInfo method to LuaContent library
(Fixed) type on asset importer conditional checks
(Updated) 7z class to use CombinePath function for building paths
(Added) Copy and Move directory functions into LuaFileSystem library
(Added) LuaContent library
(Added) RefreshListOnExit function to UtilityScript task.
(Added) Lua Zip Lib for 7z compressed files
(Removed) The ini permission
(Added) Content permission
(Fixed) Issue where print and tprint weren’t outputting to LOG
(Updated) IniLib and FileSystemLib ( WIP)
(Added) ScriptManager in System Tools
(Fixed) IniLib
(Added) SetLuaPath function in LuaVM
(Fixed) SampleScript in Lua Folder
(Fixed) Bug that was causing ScanPathConfigUI to lose focus
(Updated) System dialog to match new design
(Added) Base XUI Class code for Security Settings
(Added) Screen Captures feature
(Changed) Network Debugger now sends JSON packets
(Changed) LUA Errors are now filtered as “LUAERROR” instead of “ScriptRunner”
(Updated) NetDbgLogger to include LOG type
(Added) NetDbgDll interface for Aurora Network Debugging
(Added) Temporary Icon for NetDbg Module
(Added) Screen Capture Scene (WIP)
(Added) Screen Capture XUI Class (WIP)
(Added) Screen Capture menu item in game options
(Updated) Skin and Localization files to use 0.6B as current version
(Added) New Dll based LogOutput class
(Fixed) Issue in FreestylePlugin settings that caused the “Y” button to not show up in Screen Capture trigger/activator
(Updated) Aurora Folder Structure; cleaned up root directory
(Updated) Lua Script search locations to follow revised folder structure
(Updated) Aurora Path references to follow revised folder structure
(Updated) SMBDll Enabled check to be “Enabled”
(Added) Localized Strings for Module List
(Added) Skin configuration for Module Icons
(Added) Not Implemented Text in Security Settings
(Updated) Verify Link scene to use new Plugin Manager interface
(Updated) Debug Overlay to be translucent (also forced overlay in LTCG mode, temporarily)
(Updated) Config to enable SMB server startup- if SmbDll is available
(Updated) Plugin Manager to take a more active role in managing plugins
(Updated) All plugin dependent classes to use revised plugin manager
(Updated) Settings scene with new revamped plugin settings and renamed/reordered multiple settings
(Updated) PopupUI to attach to the BkgProcess layer as opposed to the calling parent. Fixes center issue in some scenes.
(Added) New Plugin settings module for CFEdit, FtpDll, SmbDll, DashLaunch, FreestylePlugin and ConnectX
(Added) New Plugin settings XUI scenes for FtpDll, SmbDll, DashLaunch, FreestylePlugin and ConnectX (CFEdit has no settings)
(Added) Skinnable Module Icons for Plugins (WIP)
(Fixed) Flicker when opening Verify Link for the first time since boot
(Updated) LibSMB to utilize TMP folder located in DATA/SMB/
(Fixed) Replaced rpc.lua and rpcserver.lua for the LUA JSON library with the actual lua code and not the html from github
(Added) LoadString to Lua INI library (loading via string, disables ability to save settings to disk; ie., read only)
(Added) Http.DownloadFile(…) to the Http Lua Library
(Updated) Lua HTTP Lib to remove the httpInstance concept and stick with synchronous functions
(Updated) Sample Script to use INI lib after corrections
(Added) GetSections, GetAllSections, GetAllKeys functions to Lua INI Library
(Added) Lua INI Lib (WIP)
(Added) Lua XUI Controls Bindings
(Added) Lua Gizmo Binding
(Updated) Lua Thread lib to use Aurora Task Manager instead of Raw Threads
(Updated) Lua Http Lib to have synchronous downloading (WIP)
(Added) Error handling for TPRINT when passing a non-table.
(Added) Overloaded function for Task.SetProgres
(Added) Http.Download() function with POST and GET
(Updated) SetProgress to use a lua_Unsigned instead of lua_Number
(Added) new lua function ‘tounsigned’ to convert an integer value to unsigned
(Added) Runtime notifications for script error
(Fixed) Error handling when LUA file has general syntax error preventing script from compiling
(Added) Utility Script Support (WIP)
(Updated) ScanPath Config scene to properly respond to scan path events
(Fixed) Path bug when editing a scan path on a disconnected device
(Fixed) Missing localization in Content Launcher initiated by background process
(Renamed) The Xbox Marketplace tab to Assets in the Settings Scene
(Added) Import Assets button to the Assets Settings Scene
(Updated) ScanPathList to show [Not Available] in place of device when not connected
(Updated) All Progress tasks to utilize the callers HXUIOBJ (future use)
(Added) Script Runner task (wip- future use)
(Added) AuroraUI lua library (wip- future use)
(Updated) AssetImporter to not use BMP
(Fixed) TitleUpdateListJSON Crashing when unexpected data was returned from unity
(Added) Support for DDS image files in AssetImporter
(Added) Full process logging to asset importer for end-user
(Added) Localized status messages for AssetImporter progress bar
(Added) Progress percentage values to AssetImporter progress bar
(Added) KinectRequired class to Xbox360 executable parser
(Updated) Database/ContentManager to use CaseIndex instead of flags to determine case color
(Added) Blue/Indie case color to the set of available cases
(Updated) ContentScanner to recognize indie games and apply blue case
(Added) Release Date & Content ID subtitle scripts
(Added) AssetImporter task class (wip)
(Updated) JpegImage class with new function to get image dimensions
(Updated) Pngimage class. Recoded core class and fixed many bugs.
(Fixed) DirectoryDeleter class index
(Added) Multiple functions to Content Manager to allow changing of other fields dynamically
(Updated) Game cover downloader to use localized strings
(Updated) Skin Browser to show spinner when loading thumbnails.
(Updated) Skin Browser to not allow deletion of compressed skins (disabled due to known bug)
(Updated) Game background to wallpaper to handle errors
(Updated) Cover and Game Background notices to use localized text
(Updated) Game background to wallpaper method to update the Theme Scene with the thumbnail on change.
(Added) Support for Parental Controls with Passcode protection in key areas
(Added) New icon for cover download manager
(Fixed) Gamebackground saving to create thumbnail and update theme scene
(Fixed) SettingManager handling of User Settings and notifications
(Updated) Fullcover JSON parser to use V2 of XboxUnity API
(Added) Framework for Download Cover scene
(Added) Framework for Game wallpapers
(Added) New FileManager Icon to game options
(Updated) The way storage manager recognizes mounted devices
(Added) Correct localized strings for device removal and insertion notifications.
(Updated) File Manager class to accept start location parameters
(Added) File Manager button to Game Details scene. Allowing user to open file manager directly to game path.
(Updated) The ModifyQV List to not allow page tabbing with LT or RT when holding the Move Button
(Fixed) Launch Button not disabling when the content is not available
(Added) Support for resigning containers (CONSOLE_SIGNED)
(Updated) HttpLUA class to properly handle complex POST data
(Updated) StorageManager to react to specific device notifications
(Added) Link to send textinput postvar for testing
(Fixed) Crash when pressing LT or RT when the game list is empty.
(Updated) HideBackups.lua adding support for NXE2GOD conversion backups (v1.1 and older)
(Fixed) Issue where quickview icon would show [X] when updating an existing quickview and the icon is not changed in anyway.
(Fixed) Data corruption bug when asset images are replaced with an image that has a different size than the original.
[Fixed] Aurora not building because of redefined tray state enum (using the one from xkelib now)
Supported Languages
English – Default Language
German – Translated by Nachtgarm
French – Translated by Nord Sud Team
Spanish – Translated by Gromber
Italian – Translated by MatteIta
Swedish – Translated by Sopor
Turkish – Translated by Bomlife
Dutch – Translated by Mattie
Russian – Translated by Wisher
Thank you all for your patience and who knows what the future will bring…